Fares / Schedules / Reservations / Ticketing

Click here or go to the “RESERVE NOW” button located on the top right corner of the website.

Tickets that are canceled at least 48 hours prior to travel will be fully refunded. Any ticket canceled less than 48 hours prior to travel of scheduled departure will be NON-REFUNDABLE and redeemable for travel up to one year from the date of purchase. Any passenger who “No Shows” for a flight will not receive a refund or travel credit.

Residents and non-residents can make a reservation on Lanai Air.

Baggage / Cargo

The PC-12 aircraft has limited space to carry baggage. There are no overhead bins for carry-on luggage. All baggage, including carry-ons, will be stored in the onboard baggage compartment.

The two allowable checked bag fee is included in the $160 one-way fare.

Due to the limited space on the PC-12 aircraft and to accommodate all passengers, we limit each person to two bags within the allowable limits.

Only if it meets the checked baggage size and weight requirements and there are no liquids in the cooler. We do not allow wet ice or items packed with wet ice to be checked in. We do allow “blue-ice” or similar gel-ice products to be used.

If we are unable to accommodate the baggage needs of all passengers on a single flight, the remaining bags will be transported on the next available flight.

Currently only DOT approved service animals are allowed on our PC-12 aircraft. Passengers must complete the required form and submit to Reservations@LanaiAir.com.

DOT rules do not allow us to fly with oxygen tanks. Please see our information about flying with materials like oxygen tanks.

Lanai Air is preparing to take cargo to Lanai, however cargo service is not available right now. We will announce updates as they become available.

Acceptance of firearms and ammunition is at the sole discretion of Western Aircraft, which operates Lanai Air, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. See rule number 5G in our Terms and Conditions.

Yes, you can find more information in our Terms and Conditions. See rule number five about baggage policy.

Checking in / Boarding / Flying

Check-in is at the Lanai Air hangar located at 150 Kaulele Place. The same location where you arrive in Honolulu.

Lanai Air is operated by Western Aircraft Inc., which currently flies the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft with six and eight passenger configurations. These are single engine turboprop aircrafts with pressurized cabins.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes, including taxi time.

On the PC-12 aircraft, passengers must be able to ascend and descend stairs on their own.

Parking/ Pick up/ Drop off

Yes, please provide rideshare companies and taxis with the 150 Kaulele Place address for pick up and drop off on Oahu.

Yes, private vehicles may pick you up and drop you off at the 150 Kaulele hangar. If your ride arrives before your flight has landed, we suggest they wait at our main parking lot at 100 Kaulele. They will have a 15-minute grace period before having to pay for parking. You can send them a text message when you are ready to be picked up.

Guests staying on Lanai overnight will be able to park at the parking lot located at 100 Kaulele Place. There is a daily parking rate of $15/day.

Connecting to other airlines

General questions:

No, we do not have plans to add a frequent flier program.

Passengers must be properly dressed. Due to safety reasons, passengers who are shirtless or barefoot will not be allowed on board.

We offer light refreshments. No outside food is allowed.

Notifications will be provided by email or text to the contact information in your reservation.